The first joint venture between Cinepolis, Marvel Studios, and Warner Brothers to promote their upcoming blockbusters and the main product of the cinema chain: Cinepolis popcorns. 
To hop on the social media buzz of the movies, we created the "Made out of cinema" campaign, where we showcased how Cinepolis popcorns were part of each of the movie's universes, bringing audiences closer to their favorite heroes through their favorite popcorns. 
As moviegoers saw the popcorns integrated into the movie's adverts for the very first time, Cinepolis market share grew considerably, moreover, the campaign contributed to position Cinepolis as the brand of the year (2016) according to Merca2.0, and ranked third of 500 most powerful brands in Mexico. 
Wonder Woman was the first to join the campaign in an explosive artwork.
Spider-man showed the audience that the product was more than just a snack, but the key to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 
Igon Siruss, from the Valerian movie, pushed the campaign message in outdoor and print adverts. 

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